Sydney Visitor Centre Luggage Storage

Location: 10-26 Playfair Street, The Rocks, NSW, 2000

Hours: 9:30am - 5:30pm daily (excluding Christmas Day & Good Friday)


Cancellation Policy

You have indicated with your purchase that you have understood all terms & conditions.
1.Luggage will be stored at Clocktower Square The Rocks. Once luggage is tagged and payment made at Sydney Visitor Centre bags are to be taken by the visitor to the storage location.
2.Fragile items must be well packed in protective wrapping and your bag clearly labelled that it contains fragile items.
3.By signing the below you confirm that any one piece of luggage stored is worth no more than $100.00.
4.Items of a live nature (animals or plants) illegal drugs flammable goods or unwrapped food may NOT be stored. If for any reason these items are discovered your luggage will be disposed of without compensation.
5.Whilst all care is taken The Sydney Visitor Centre will not be held responsible for any loss or damage to stored items.
6.We offer day storage only – if you do not collect your luggage by closing hours you will be charged an extra day rate.
7.It is your responsibility to collect your luggage during office hours – 9:30 am – 5:00 pm.
8.If someone other than yourself is to collect your luggage you must give them this form and a letter of authority.
9.Luggage left unpaid for 1 week or longer will be given to charity and no compensation is offered.
10.An access fee of $5 will be charged should you need access to your luggage before your agreed pick up time (as per the time listed above).
11.When leaving your luggage we are required to document photo ID on this form for security reasons. All care is taken to securely store personal information. Upon collection of your luggage the information will be securely disposed of.
12.The Rocks Sydney Visitor Centre is closed on Good Friday and Christmas day.
AVC reserve the right to change a reservation if baggage size indicated is not accurate per website information at time of arrival.


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Passport: Country _________________________ Number _____________________________
License: Issued by ________________________ Number ______________________________
AND Proof of Cruising (circle): Cruise ID / Confirmed Itinerary / Crew ID

______________________________________________________________________________________________________ COLLECTION

By signing below I agree that all luggage has been retrieved in its original condition from Sydney Visitor Centre

Signature: _______________________


ID confirmed on collection time. Staff Member ________________________ Time_______