New South Wales

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"A great Visitor Centre with excellent, helpful and attentive staff..." Gavin via Tripadvisor, Decemeber 2015

"...We spent nearly an hour browsing because everything was so interesting." Via Tripadvisor, Decemeber 2015

"... I do recommend checking this place out and not just for the brochures which they have many, but also the very friendly helpful staff... I think you should start looking here if you don't know what to do when you arrive" James via Tripadvisor, Decemeber 2015

"Very informative staff who were more than happy to assist. They provided useful suggestions and helpful tips on how to get the best value for our money." Melissa via Tripadvisor, August 2015

"After getting off of a cruise boat, we wanted to explore Sydney ...The visitor center charged ($) for each of our suitcases, which they kept from 9:30am to 5pm ... The process was very simple, and it made our day much easier. Darren via Trip Advisor, June 2015

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